Yogi Guru Raviji

The world renowned and venerated Yogi Guru Raviji has profound knowledge and insights into various yoga practices and he is the one that leads the Divine School of Yoga. Having been able to bring immense peace, tranquility and serenity to a multitude of human minds, Guru Raviji has been an influential and inspirational figure in the world when it comes to yoga and its practices. His profound knowledge and matchless expertise in yoga have made him one of the most venerated authorities in the world when it comes to yoga. This has enabled his to create a following of millions of yoga disciples from all parts of the world. As the authoritative person to teach, preach about and train various yoga forms, Guru Raviji has been journeying around the world conducting workshops, taking yoga seminars and offering Yoga Teachers Training Courses.

His extensive and deep understanding and authoritative nature of yoga has made him the most eligible person to embellish the role of the General Secretary of Yoga Teachers Association of South India. It is also under the tutelage and guiding insights of Yogi Soorya Raviji that the world Renowned the Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga operates.

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