khaloori yoga

Khaloori Yoga

Kalaripayattu, the mother of all martial arts and the oldest among this self defence form, represents the true soul of South India. The word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Khaloori’ meaning ‘battle field’. The rich diversity in arts and a distinct lineage gives Kalaripayattu an inimitable scope in the context of ancient and modern warfare or what they call an art of self defence. The elaborative culture of shifting civilization which we called nomadic evolution is believed to have given birth to this amazing art. This martial art form has survived around 3000 years. The Vedas tell of Lord Indra’s defeat of the demon Vritasura using the marmam technique of Kalari.

To attain the much needed flexibility of the body for Kalaripayattu, it is essential to learn those yoga asanas (stretching) which will provide this state of the body. As of now, none of the other yoga systems contain specific yoga asanas that can provide such a state of the body. Raviji has taken the pains to study lot the scattered information relating to this from several kalari masters and co-ordinate them with the yogic sciences. The result is the Khallori yoga system initiated and perfected by Raviji.

Khaloori yoga is based on elegant and flexible movements. Khaloori yoga increases the stamina, strength and flexibility of your body. As an excellent system of physical training, it serves as a comprehensive guide to attain tremendous power of flexibility of your body and increasing physical strengh and mental strength. In addition, it improves blood circulation and strengthens muscles and , improves self confidence and mental agility, helps to augment body and physical fitness, and above all achieve self reliance.

The practice of Kalllori yoga has immense benefits spread across various levels of an individual his society. It improves concentration, patience, self-discipline and self-awareness, provides ability to deal with stress and also increases ones strength, immunity and dynamism. It also improves the speed of reflexes of a person and makes him amazingly active. In short, Kallori yoga is an art of self defence.

The Khallori yoga system is practiced and taught only at Raviji’s ashram and nowhere else in India or outside the country. Raviji has been travelling extensively through Europe teaching and spreading this system of Khallori yoga. As a result this yoga system has succeeded in gaining wide popularity.

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