va shi yoga

Va-shi-Yoga Meditation

Vashi – Yoga is an ancient form of the art of Yoga. It is a combination of two Sanskrit words which means Breath (Va) and fire (Shi).

It is the art of awakening the power of Kundalini lying dormant in the lower part of abdomen, with the help of our internal fire and breath and move it to Sahasra chakra top of head. Once the Kundalini power is trigered in a person, it generates in him, some super human abilities. This can be achieved through Va-shi Yoga meditation. It can change the flow of your day to day life to smooth and happy rhythm. It removes the unpleasant thought feelings and clear all inner disturbances.

Normally, when we practice meditation, initially we face various physical and mental disturbances. Unpleasant thoughts may intrude into your meditation process which tend to block our enthusiasm to continue. Furthermore, you may feel it difficult to control your senses and evil forces would try to inject evil thoughts to the solitude of your meditation. However, in Va-shi yoga meditation, you will not face any hindrances mentioned above as your mind slowly transforms into a state of supreme happiness!

Prior to commencement of this yoga, there are a few mystic though simple breath excercises & mudras to practice, so as to tickle up the Kundalini power which will in turn slide into Sahasrasaara chakra. The person then get emerged in to a celestial state, unaware of his surroundings, time and space!

As the practice Progress and continue you would feel many changes and experience in your life. Miracles could happen, in your personality, character, approaches, etc and reach a state of higher consciousness. Va- Shi yoga meditation is the only yoga meditation, that would even move you into a transcended state of mind and soul!

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