Course Highlights

Yogic Science Curriculum: Rigorous and disciplined.

Objective of the course: Basic and Advance Theoretical and Practical aspects of yoga.

Nature of the course: Residential and intensive.

Classroom-based learning: The world-class YTTC standard.

Global standard: Registered school with Yoga Alliances international, Yoga federations of other leading Yoga associations and registered with the government of India.

Course Fee: Includes admission fee, tuition, all course material, European standard accommodation (Shared rooms) and food.

Eligibility: Should speak and write English language fluently.

Accomplishments: previous experience in yoga must.

How can you achieve your goal

Our curriculum covered yogic philosophy, Anatomy and physiology of yogic practices, Hatha yoga asanas for beginners, intermediate and advance.

Highly qualified teachers taught you variety of yoga including yoga mind therapy which is very rare and unique.

Ayurvedic basic teaching, Physiology of Ayurveda vatha, pitha, and khabha, biological fire, different treatments, metabolic error, Ayurvedic cooking class and many.

A opportunity to meet Gurus and study a oldest well reputed yoga ashram in India.

We will guide how to set up a proper yoga studio in an authentic way.


Variety of Theory: Asana benefits physically, Asana benefits psychologically, Asana benefits spiritually, Kriya yoga benefits physical, mental, spiritual, Patanjali yoga Sutras, Nine yoga Sutras, Hathayoga pradeepika , Bhagavathgeetha, Different paths of yoga – Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga and Bhakthi yoga, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Rajas, Thamas, Sattvic, Mantra teaching, The science of prana and its applications, Chakra and channels, Mudras and Bandhas, Basic Ayurveda,Yoga and Ayurveda, Vegetarian cooking.

Variety of Practical Yoga: Hatha yoga asanas basic and advanced, Kriya yoga basic and advanced, Kundalini yoga, Kallori yoga, Ashtanga yoga,Vinyasa Yoga, Asanas correction for individual students, Meditation techniques, Teaching methodology (Asana), Teaching methodogy (Kriyas), Practical mantra chanting.

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