kundalini yoga

What is the meaning of the Kundalini?

Kundalini is the main serpent of energy which is located base of spine (mooladhara Chakra). The real meaning of the Kundalini is ” a deeper coiled place” . Once awakening of kundalini a total inner transformation take place in our life. In our human body there is very powerful source of energy reside in base of spine (Mooladhara Chakra) is called Kundalini. When this powerful source is aroused and travel through our chakras and ascends to the brain, we will experience to self-realization, a new consciousness begin to spread light. All yoga practice are based on that, but Kundalini yoga practice is the most powerful method to awakening kundalini.

Whatever Kundalini sadhana ( practice) you do might start activating in Anahata chakra or other Chakras and awakening in Sahasrara Chakra, top of the head.

How do we experience the Kundalini awaken?

Through the powerful practice of Kunalini yoga, the kundalini energy awakens, the higher centers of his brain and consciousness are activated and he is able to function on the earth plane with a super conscious plane. Although different individuals have many kind of experience, but the common experience is the release of energy, like a power in the spinal cord has been illuminated. Some time you may experience some celestial sound hearing from far distance which you will enjoy that sound no body know where is coming from, and you should experience and understand that your auspicious moment is drawing near.

What is the best way to awaken Kundalini?

There are so many safest yogic method to awaken the Kundalini. According to yoga we have two nerve currents in spinal colum, which is called Ida and Pingala and another major nerve current passing through the spinal cord called Sushumna. At the bottom end of the sushumna yogis called Kundalini. It is coiled up energy always sleeps, which is like a snake. Snake is the symbol of energy. Through the powerful Kundalini yoga the current raised and passes through sushumna step by step towards the top of the head. Through our poweful Kundalini yoga we will train the students mind to go beyond the thouhgts, then you will enter into the realm of the transcendental state. Total deactivation of the consciousness mind and the senses stop for the time being and his consciousness is on the higher state of awareness, when your consciousness is activated with the senses, you are conscious of the surroundings.

What is ultimate benefit of Kundalini and Kundalini yoga

You will fell a wonderful changes in your life, it is not only your body but your mind and soul also. You will experience that you have a total transformation within yourself and you will be different human being. You will see the world as it is and all the doubt that arise in your mind will become answered in the silence and you understand how beautiful and glories your life is. The fear of death vanishes out. When the consciousness reaches the Sahasrara chakra, top of the head Yogi come to experience telepathy, clear vision, thought reading, clairvoyance, and clairaudience.

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