Our Students Testimonials

Sivasoorya yoga program (YTTC) has been life changing!!! I have become stronger inside and out side. I have experience personal transformation. I have reached much personal experience and have spiritually opened up. I am blessed to have had this experience, amazing staff and students. Food is so different, accommodation is beautiful. All lessons are informative. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire Sivasooya course.
The YTTC course was one of the most beautiful chapters in my life. I attained the balance of knowledge (philosophy), asanas, kriyas, meditation and meeting with real Indian culture, especially through the spiritual tour to Kanyakumari, the meeting with the Sivasoorya Ashram staff. All this is framed in the incredible form of beauty, the place, the scenery/views, nature, the sound and the people.
The Sivasoorya YTTC 200 hrs is absolutely excellent. Everything is to be praised and I will strongly advise all others to come for this course. The staff, the food, the organisation of planning, the silent days and above all, the Spiritual trip to Kanyakumari perfectly synchronized.
The YTTC course was so great!!! It has a great balance of asanas, meditation, karma yoga, philosophy class etc. The entire month long course was a Kriya! I fell healed, purified, refined, and inspired. I will take my experience back to the United States, improve my practice, and start teaching within a year with confidence. Raviji was the very right combination of strictness and loving personality and he is a very rare flower.
Rebecca Michelle Morin
I am so happy with YTTC. I found the course well organized, structured, disciplined, very affordable and of very good value. There was sufficient course content and well motivated. The students and staff was an added bonus and helped me to enjoy the experience. For me living at the Ashram was a treat. My enjoyments and sense of belonging is mainly due to the staff and fellow classmates. The staff showed me generous warmth and hospitality. They opened my heart with their good behaviour, friendliness and smiles. These are ever lasting memories I will treasure for ever in my life. I am returning home a happy person. I am grateful for this wonderful experience that I had with my family.
Waisova Lenka
The YTTC was for me a very valuable experience and I will remember it with love and good emotions. All the people that I met through this course were interesting and kind. The Ashram staff was very kind and friendly and the Asham is so beautiful. I learned many things that I will include in my life and the class that I will set up at home, such as kriya as well as new asanas and mediation techniques. The philosophy class with Sway Srikumar were life changing for me they made me think about life and my self in a different way.

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