Yoga Retreats That will Change your life

Relax, revive, and reform with a one-week and two-week Yoga Retreat with Sivasoorya Yoga Retreat Centre in Kerala, India. In a peaceful village located close to the pristine Kovalam beach in the district of Trivandrum, Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram is one of the famous yoga retreat centres in Kerala, India. With beautiful greenery all around, Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram offers you the most traditional as well as modern ways of yoga practices to reignite your passion for a healthy life – both physical and mental!

Our yoga retreats make an ideal combination of Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy, Meditation and Pranayama for those willing to experience this lifestyle at a relaxed and a cosy pace. From customized Yoga Sessions to Ayurveda Therapy, the Personal Accommodation with three meals in a day- and all at an affordable price!

7 Days and 14 days Yoga Retreat at Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram

If you have been looking for an Affordable Yoga Retreat Centre in Kerala, India, definitely you’re in the right place!

Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram provides you with the chance to learn Yoga from the very place of its origin. At the centre, we offer you a specially designed 7 days NS 14 days Yoga Retreat with detoxification, rejuvenation along with other fun activities such as visit many Heritage places, beaches, world famous temples and local sightseeing. You have the choice to combine your One Week and two-weekYoga Retreat with a complimentary Ayurvedic Massage to fully revitalize yourself. It will help you gain clarity and strength to overcome any stressful situation and lead a happy life.

Highly energized with Vedic mantras and Agnihotra, the Ashram premises offer to discover a yogic way of life and practice. A quick sense of reaction might overrule and you will say, “This is what I was waiting for all my life to experience something really meaningful”.

Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram conducts Yoga Classes and Yoga Teacher Training Courses in affiliation with Yoga Alliance –the USA. At the Centre, you get an opportunity to understand and practice yoga from teachers who are masters of the discipline. Our classes are guided and conducted by Yoga GuruRaviji who is a Yoga Exponent for more than 30 years. He has been teaching students in India and abroad (Europe, Asia and USAetc.) on the various Yogic practices.

While you’re at Sivasoorya Yoga Retreat Center, the meditation and chanting will add inner peace, and a special diet will improve your metabolism. It will not only help you grow healthier but become stronger as you improve your yoga skills alongside. Following a scheduled routineyou will not only invite discipline into your life but will also feel more relaxed. Relaxation will lead you to the spiritual discovery that will open up your mind to a new way of thinking.

Kerala is not only an ideal yoga holiday destination but famous for some of the best Yoga Schools in India as well. Book your Yoga Retreat in Kerala, India before the available slots fill up fast for just Euro 350 for a week’s stay inclusive of yoga learning, accommodation and food. Let’s open up new horizons after COVID 19 for you to discover the possibilities of Yoga and ayurveda for leading a healthy way of life.

7 Days Yoga Retreat in Kerala with Sivasoorya Yoga Ashram Offers:

  • To connect with nature and attain inner peace
  • Detox from all worldly pressures and pleasures
  • Overcome chronic stress and anxiety
  • Practice and master Yoga asanas and postures
  • Achieve mental clarity and calmness
  • To relax the mind and to sharpen the concentration

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