Swami Sree Kumar

A renowned Yoga Tutor of Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga, Swami Sree Kumar has immense knowledge and understanding of philosophy particularly in Indian Philosophy. He is a keen learner who has set aside a major part of his life learning about everything from Indian Philosophy, Yoga Science, Upanishads, Bhagavath Geetha and Buddhist literature, all of which have made him an authoritative figure in all of these areas of learning. This has also helped him develop profound knowledge and understanding of philosophy and history which he utilizes during his yoga teaching sessions.

As a proponent of yoga and its immense value in today’s busy, challenging lives of people, he has been training his disciples in yoga backed by his reasoning knowledge he gained through various philosophical learning paths. He tethers the challenges and ailments of daily life of people and the positive effects practicing yoga can have to lead a fulfilling and rewarding life of tranquility and harmony. Through his diverse yoga teachers’ training programs and interventions, he has touches the lives of numerous people to practice yoga in their lives, drive harmony between their body, mind and soul, lead peaceful lives and explore various divine layers of yoga to not only become people with content but also ardent teachers of yoga.

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