Master Nikhil

Master Nikhil has profound experience and extending his yoga expertise by teaching in a range of schools in Kerala. His unique approach and disciple-centric yoga training sessions have garnered him constant and deep appreciation from his disciplines and followers of yoga across the country. He has shaped his own style of teaching yoga to his student where he endeavors to convey the energies and wisdom of yoga through smooth and effortless manner. His escapades with yoga started when he imbibed Sivananda Yoga at Neyyardam, Kerala where he began learning yoga. After that he went to Pattabi Jois yoga Institute in Mysore India to learn Ashranga Vinyasa Yoga.

Like his father, Guru Raviji, and brother, Master Mukil, Master Nikhil is also one of the most respected teachers and practitioners of yoga in India. He is an ardent follower of his father and he is responsible for teaching Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga at Sivasoorya yoga School.

No matter when his students need him to clear any doubts, he is available to support them. He is really approachable for his students to share his wisdom on correcting postures, injuries and the ability dive self-healing. As Master Nikhil’s disciple, you will be challenging your body and mind to reach the enlightened state of harmony and fulfillment even from the first few classes of his own.

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