Master Mukil

One of the most experienced yoga teachers in Kerala Master Mukil has realized the transformations that yoga can bring onto one’s own life, himself. This set him on the personal journey to explore the deep wisdoms of yoga to develop his own mental, physical and spiritual elements. After half a decade of researches, learning and exploration, he began teaching yoga to other realizing that it would benefit them immensely in their lives as well. Having gained immense popularity among his disciples, he commences teaching the Yoga Asana Alignment and Methodology at various teacher training programs across the length and breadth of India.

Master Mukil was introduced to yoga at Sivasoorya yoga School, Kerala under the loving guidance and profound yoga wisdom of his father and the Founder of Sivasoorya yoga School, Kerala Guru Raviji from even from his early childhood. After having concluded his immense and rigorous training in both 200 and 300-hour yoga training programs, he is now an internationally acclaimed and registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance International.

Master Mukil has developed a strong and extensive fundamental base in asana methodology and teaching, and it inspires his students to go beyond the convention to explore their own personal practice at a deeper, more enlightening level.

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